You can reassign a project to another client (and change the primary client in the project's 'People' sub-tab) by changing the 'Project Client' in the Project Overview's Project Details.
  1. From the Projects Overview sub-tab, click on the Project Details 'edit' button
  2. Go to the 'Project Client' drop-down, select the new client to reassign the project to and click SAVE/UPDATE

What to do if the 'Project Client' dropdown is 'locked out' for editing
There are two instances in which the 'Project Client' dropdown will be 'locked out' for changing
  • Firstly, we have a system rule that every Project in RAVE needs to be assigned to a Client, and every Client in RAVE needs to be assigned to a Project.  This may mean that you need to add a new build so the client has two projects - allowing you to reassign the target job to the new client, leaving the new job attached to your old client.
  • Secondly, the 'Project Client' dropdown will also be locked out if there is a mis-match between the Project Details 'Project Client' and the 'Primary Client' as listed in the Projects 'People' sub tab - the fix for this is to:
  1. Go to to People's sub tab
  2. Add the correct current client via the Select a client dropdown + Add button
  3. Remove the existing (incorrect) Primary Client - this will reassign the Primary Client to the correct current client
  4. You can now change the 'Project Client' as per the instructions above